As the owner and operator of Cleaning People of Summit, I feel it necessary to let prospective clients know that I am a price shopper! Our cleaning service fees ARE NOT the least expensive in town and do err on the side of close to most expensive. With that being said, you get what you pay for. I downsized the company in April 2016 due to lack of staffing and attention to detail. We were becoming GOOD ENOUGH HOUSEKEEPING and that, quite frankly, IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Seems as though I've had this conversation so often that I find it necessary to provide a thorough explanation of our cleaning fees online.

Summit County has been experiencing a housing and labor shortage since 2014/2015 which has become OUR problem (mine as a local business owner and yours as a vacation rental vendor). Cleaning People and several other local businesses have had difficulty staffing and were forced to increase employee wages to astronomical amounts. Our staff is paid a minimum of $25 up to $35 per hour. You say crazy but it is the only way we have managed to staff, stay staffed and meet demand with attention to detail. It is so expensive to live here. The small amount of long term rentals are some of the most expensively priced in the US!

On a more positive note...

Over the last 2 and a half years we have implemented the following (and a bit more) to serve you and your guests better:

  • Downsized in April 2016 and started rebuilding May 2018 after assessing, addressing and solving problem areas
  • Hand picked and trained staff utilizing Final Clean Checklists
  • Detailed job descriptions including access info and all of the particulars of each property on smart phones for all staff on a
  • Live calendar that is updated by the second
  • GPS directions to all properties
  • Full time Team Manager that works with all staff inspecting properties and redirecting as needed
  • Professional laundry service and we do not MIX laundry
  • Communicate condition of properties, any damages, supply quantities and clean complete/ready for check in via email
  • Special requests by client and guests are performed